Building up Minds

ACES provide many benefits to their members and are assets to the engineering colleges where they are located. Society provide students with tangible contact with their future profession – engineering – and, further the objectives of engineering education.

Organised Events and Workshops

With various events, guest lectures and workshops, ACES-GNDEC has managed to attract a large number of the student population. The purpose of ACES is to increase the benefits of ACES student exclusively dedicated for Civil Engineering in the college.

Open Minds

Through out of this ,students are keep active in college events and also aware about the others knowledge and also helps to make update in college life.The purpose of ACES is to replace empty minds with an open one. ACES helps students to open their mind to new skills.

The Whole Purpose Of Education Is To Turn Mirrors Into Windows

Each institute has own rule and regulation which is known from their punctuality and discipline.ACES have also rules and regulations which these are:

Adhere to the instructions

ALL the members are supposed to strictly adhere to the instructions given by the mentors.

Devotion to Duties

The society expects you to be fully devoted towards your duties.


You ought to remain honest ,sincere and hard working.


Transparency must prevail throughtout your services to the society .

Earnest and Optimistic

Earnestness should be the key note during the entire state of activities and Optimistic approach and Enthusiastic participation.

Attend Meetings

Must attend all general body meetings .Absent in more than two meeting , his/her name will struck from the society.


ACES is the society of civil engineering . Despite of the theory it gives opportunity to students to participate in technical and practical events.Throughout this students organise technical events, seminars and debate competitions on individual topic like on r.c.c, brigde modeling, solid waste management etc. Aces provide practical exposure to a professional engineering society as well as focal point for campus engineering programs and projects. SO ACES offer student members organise programs and activities, fellowship, and leadership experience.

Education Is For Improving The Lives Of Others And For Leaving Your Community And World Better Than You Found It..

Our Teachers and Mentors

Dr. K.S Gill

Head of Department

Puneet Pal Singh Cheema


Amandeep Singh Gill

Assistant Professor

Yuvraj Singh

Assistant Professor

Our Post Holders

Mahesh Madhav


Maninder Kaur


Gurjot Singh


Dhruv Chawla

IT Head

The Roots of Education are Bitter but the Fruit is Sweet.


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